Sloan A Southern Boy With A Very Big Dick!


A Southern Boy With A Very Big Dick Meet Sloan

Sloan is a country boy, as evidenced by his thick Southern drawl. His body is lean and long, just like his long and thick and beautiful cock. He is kind of a dude of few words. Kind of shy to start with, but he has a naughty side, and he really liked showing off for the camera. He wasn't down for doing a Serviced video on his first visit, but it's a fact that he had fun, and wants to come back to do more. Pretty sure he will be back. For now though, we will enjoy his solo. He certainly did!


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 Take the XXX tour







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  1. Having gone to school in the South, I likes me some Southern boys!

  2. 😛 I like….VERY HOT.

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