Adelio Senna Raw, Hairy Muscle At PowerMen


Adelio Senna Raw And Hairy At PowerMen!

 Hairy musclefireplug Adelio Senna has already made his mark at MUSCLEHUNKS.COM, where he entertained the troops with beach wrestling with Felipe Gigante and two explicit scenes. But somehow, we knew you just haven't had quite enough of our tough, hairy-chested powerhouse. Well, Adelio's come back to play, and this time he's next door neighbor to Mauricio Pimento, who based some of his own fantasies on our aloof-seeming bodybuilder/shortstop. Not quite all of Adelio is so short – after all…you know what they say about hairy men with big feet. After all.

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  1. WOW .. What a hot lad. It’s about time to checkout a naturally hairy muscular lad. I’d have him day and night.

  2. You can have him David….way too hairy for my taste! He would look much better smooth!

  3. Adelio Senna is a rare hunk who didn't get rid of the hair on his body.Good luck in 2014'

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