Chris Total Exhibitionist Jerks Off With A Flare!

Chris Total Exhibitionist Jerks Off With A Flare

At CockyBoys!

 Chris is a total exhibitionist. He loves to sit by his window and jerk off while people pass by and watch him sperm his loads on the glass. And he's not shy about it at all. (Duh!). On top of it,Chris is so fucking hot that we're sure he probably has a following and every time he jerks off there's a crowd underneath his window. This guy sure knows how to put on a show and this one is a very special one because it's just for us, cockyboys!!! Wait till you see what he does with his cum… WOOF!!!

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Take The Tour



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  1. Chris is HOT! Where is his window? Wanna go stand in front of it…. 😯

  2. I must agree with JT about Chris being hot. Good luck to the  future.

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